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GN 1/4 Pans, lid and grid

Product sheet

Code: 4143
Ext. Dimensions (mm): 265x162
Capacity: 3,5 l
Packing: 6
Adult portions: 11
Children portions: 14

Code: 4142
Ext. Dimensions (mm): 265x162
Capacity: 2,4 l
Packing: 6
Adult portions: 8
Children portions: 10

Code: 4141
Ext. Dimensions (mm): 265x162
Capacity: 1,5 l
Packing: 6
Adult portions: 5
Children portions: 7

Code: 4241
Ext. Dimensions (mm): 265x162
Packing: 6

Code: 4245
Ext. Dimensions (mm): 210x110
Packing: 6

  • Shatter-proof: maximum safety for service staff and customers.
  • Light and undeformable, practical to handle.
  • They do not dent in case of accidental falling.
  • Sparkling clear surface: enables easy identification of the pans’ content.
  • High shine surface with non-scratch finish.
  • With graduated scale.
  • Drain-away sloping upper rim, to avoid contamination of the internal contents.
  • Shaped corners for ease of extraction from trolleys or counters.
  • Designed for quick and accurate stacking.
  • Reinforced base with constant resting profile.
  • Straight from freezer to microwave oven.
  • Not cold to the touch when removed from the freezer.
  • Available in 5 Gastronorm sizes and 4 different height.
  • All models come with lid (upon request).
  • Sealing lids available for GN 1/1 and GN1/2 models.
  • Available, upon request, grids to lift contents out of liquids (e.g. meats, cheeses, vegetables, etc.), enhancing food quality and freshness.
  • Impervious to grease and impurities, they do not retain smells.
  • They allow correct operations in an HACCP environment.
  • The unit's design allows accurate cleaning and sanitising (EC Reg. 852/2004 –HACCP-) including using a dishwasher.


  • Made of high quality Melform Diamond Line polycarbonate.
  • Resistant to temperatures from –40° to +120°C


  • For washing polycarbonate products it is recommended to use pH neutral detergents. Do not use detergents with a pH more than 11.
  • The use of highly alkaline detergents (pH > 11) or alcohol based detergents, chlorinated solvents, ammonia and the use of abrasive sponges could permanently damage the products.

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