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The May issue of Vie&Trasporti, an italian magazine dedicated to entrepreneurs and operators in the logistics sector, talks about Melform with a focus on: 

DrIcy Line ->isothermal containers for handling, storing and transporting dry ice

Koala Green ->self powered refrigerated containers

Below the full article:

Temperature-controlled transport

Magic boxes

Melform's Koala Green and DrIcy lines to meet new requirements in the field of isothermal and refrigerated containers

Investing in research and development to offer the market increasingly advanced solutions for logistics and controlled temperature transport. This is what Melform has been doing for over 50 years and which has made it a point of reference in the field of isothermal and refrigerated containers. Even in the most difficult years of the pandemic, the company from Monasterolo di Savigliano, in the province of Cuneo, has not changed its philosophy, directing 5% of its turnover to R&D. The result is products that meet the needs of a dynamic and constantly evolving market, such as the Koala Green units, designed for those who use electric vehicles and for those who, while moving with a traditional vehicle, want to reduce their equipment and fuel costs, and the Dricy Line, for handling, storing and transporting dry ice. Products that are enjoying great success. The numbers say it all: in the last three years Melform's turnover has grown by 20 per cent and its workforce by 15 per cent each year. Like all products made in Melform - from the Cargo Line, isothermal containers for the distribution of perishable products, to the Koala Line, transportable mobile refrigerators - the new lines comply with current regulations, are NF certified, allow working in a Haccp environment and can be equipped with Atp approval. Finally, they are customisable and recyclable.

Refillable cold

Koala Green units are characterised by an internal battery that can be recharged at 230 Volts using the special cable supplied, in 8 to 10 hours (alternatively it can be removed and the external power supply can be used). Three models are available: 65, 100 and 120 Ah for an autonomy of 12 to 36 hours depending on the size of the container and transport conditions. Capacity ranges from 135 to 830 litres. With frontal opening also heating, integrated static or ventilated roof refrigeration unit, these isothermal containers allow products requiring different temperatures to be transported on the same vehicle, working in a range from -30 to + 40 degrees centigrade. Thanks to the correct distribution of air flows, the Koala Green ensures that the set temperature is constantly maintained, with an accuracy of +/- 0.5 degrees centigrade, regardless of external conditions. Like the other products of Melform's logistics division, the new entries are made of Polyethylene using rotational moulding technology suitable for contact with foodstuffs according to EC Dir. 1935/2004. Electric thermostat with digital display and Bluetooth interface for remote control are available as options. RFID and Usb Data Logger systems for traceability and temperature monitoring are also available on request.

High thermal insulation

The new DrIcy isothermal containers, specially designed and manufactured for cold chain storage with dry ice, offer extremely high insulation performance. They are offered in different sizes: the larger sizes (540, 360, 150 litres) have, in fact, recently been joined by smaller ones with capacities of 30, 60 and 90 litres.  Handling is facilitated by their low weight and ergonomic recesses. An exclusive patent that allows the perfect adhesion of Polyethylene to Polyurethane guarantees the perfect thermal insulation required when handling a product such as dry ice at a temperature of - 78.5°C. The stainless steel closures are adjustable. The flat bottom and central drain guarantee easy washing and sanitisation. Also perfect for transporting vaccines, DrIcy are available on a pallet base or wheels (4 swivel, 2 braked). They can also be fitted with traceability systems.