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MELFORM: the innovators of the cold chain

From: Il Sole 24ORE, 17/12/2020 - by PUBLIMEDIAGROUP.IT

MELFORM, the innovators of the cold chain
The best technology for perfect preservation of vaccines, pharmaceutical products and more

"We have developed lines of products ideal for transport at very low temperatures - says Monica Lazzari, Business Development & Marketing Manager - which can cover the entire logistics operations of vaccines".
Some types of vaccines, in fact, must be stored at very low temperatures and Melform has the right solution: "The line of isothermal Drlcy containers - explains Lazzari - is able to ensure constant temperatures down to -80 ° C through the use of dry ice. . This product is the result of an exclusive patent, which guarantees thermal insulation thanks to the perfect adhesion between the shell and the insulating foam and the double stainless steel closure. This is an effective solution and we have also already established partnerships with various dry ice producers ».
But Drlcy is not the only product suitable for handling vaccines made by Melform: «The Koala line - continues Lazzari - can be useful for the so-called" last mile "of the transport of pharmaceutical material. They are ATP certified containers, designed for the storage and transport of heat-sensitive products, for which accurate temperature control is required. Thanks to their mobility and manageability they are ideal for the last stages of transport, when the products have to be delivered to their final destinations ».