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COVID-19 vaccines distribution

Always at the forefront of technologies and cold chain management.

At present MELFORM is offering its expertise and experience, in addition to professional tools, to guarantee the transport in total safety of COVID-19 vaccines and all health devices that require the maintenance of a cold chain at low and very low temperatures.

Dry ice is the best refrigerant for the transport of Pfizer and BioNtech vaccine thanks to its sublimation temperature of - 78.5 ° C.

Our DrIcy containers are used at Pfizer's European headquarters in Puurs (Belgium).

The DrIcy line also includes refrigerated containers with a temperature range of 0 ° / 10 ° C for internal or external handling at a controlled temperature.

SDA Poste Italiane's choice to use our KOALA mobile refrigerators with a temperature range
of 0 ° C / + 10 ° C to keep the special Thermoboxes at a controlled temperature @ 5 ° C, inside which the Moderna  vaccines are stored - 20 ° C, guarantees the total integrity of the product during all stages of logistics.

The same equipment can be used for the transport of pharmaceutical products
in the range 2 ° C / 8 ° C.

MELFORM therefore proposes the best technical solutions with the best quality / price ratio to correctly manage this emergency.